Client Requirements

A client approached us to develop a high-end and responsive property searching website. Being one of the top service providers in the UK market, the client wanted the website to be user-friendly and unique. They requested a scalable product as it would involve storing a large amount of data.

Our client sought to create a platform that would streamline the property search process for the audience, while also providing advanced features to make the experience more personalized and convenient. They demanded features like an admin panel, on-site visit requests, high-quality image integration, etc. All of this had to be done using fast and quick algorithms that would help streamline the work process and automate the tasks. Our team did commendable work by overcoming all the challenges during this project.


Completing this project required a lot of work and effort from different teams. Our development, design, and deployment teams worked endlessly to maintain the project quality. One of the challenges we faced was integrating multiple APIs from different real estate companies into a single platform. The integration was hectic as each company had its own format and data structure.

To overcome this challenge, we had to carefully analyze each API and create a middleware layer for standardizing the data and creating compatibility with our platform. This required extensive testing and debugging to ensure that the data was accurate and secure.

Another difficult task was creating a user-friendly interface that would allow users to easily navigate the website. We solved this challenge by conducting thorough user research and testing to determine the most important features that users needed. We also implemented advanced search filters and a map-based search to help users quickly find the properties that matched their criteria.

Key Challenges Of The Project Were
  • Regulating the large data
  • Ensuring data security at all times
  • Integrating high-quality images without affecting the webpage load time
  • Fixing bugs during testing sessions
  • Integrating different APIs
  • Adding a seamless & easy profile registration option


Our dedicated team not only completed the project on time, but also delivered quality results. We started the process by gathering detailed requirements from the client and developing a customized solution using modern web technologies. We used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to build the website, ensuring it was responsive and user-friendly.

Our experienced developers worked tirelessly to ensure that the website's search functionality was accurate and efficient, enabling users to find the properties they were looking for. We also incorporated a variety of premium features like a map search, filter options, and a user account system for saved searches. Developing a website with heavy features is not a cakewalk, but our team did that perfectly.

Key Features
  • Advanced search filters : We added this special feature to help users customize their search by specifying criteria such as location, price range, property type, and amenities.
  • Interactive maps : What's better than the visual elements added to the site? It added a visual representation of available properties, enabling users to explore and narrow down their search.
  • Saved searches : To make things easy, our team added this feature so that users could save their favourite properties and receive notifications when new listings that match their criteria are available.


Thanks to our talented team, we delivered the project on time. Our client loves the final result as it is completely aligned with their expectations. The website also received positive feedback from the users for being easy to use and quick. The project was a success because we added features after carefully analysing human and user behaviour.

The web design was also elegant, simple, and unique. We ensured to keep the backend work simple so the employees could effortlessly use the system. Overall, the project was a big success.

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